Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-03-22 04:13:28 (UTC)

There's a conflagration in thine eyes

Can't remember the last I was on here....must be bored.....

Hmmmm, my brow furrows increasingly as I ponder about
what's going on with the world during this time. Mine own
personal revelations about this matter suggest that we are
all headed for hell, as we pit one theology against another-
-one man, one country, one religion. Just saw the new
previews for Blade 2, looks cool, would like to see it. I
remember watching the first one, and was well beyond
satisfied....action sequences, staunch defending, power
overwhelming. I also remember watching Interview with a
Vampire, and thought, what a cool movie. It was fresh, and
unpredictable (provided that you hadn't already read the
book). Queen of the Damned? Not sure--the previews
weren't all that impressive. As a matter of fact, I have
come to completely forget the magic that exists in spending
a night out at the movie theaters, leaving your knots of
worries behind, being caught between your own personal
reality, and the one depicted on the big screen.