Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-03-22 04:04:23 (UTC)

Open Night Mic... Oh how I love it!

Anyone who loves music, will love open mic night, i do,
its a home away from home, good friends, many types of
music, and poems, and people! Its at All Things Art,
everyother Thursday night, $2 to get in, and it has drinks,
and if you dont like the music, take a friend or go alone
to the other side and check out the wonderful art that is
always there! April 4th should be the next one, and if you
want to, you can play talk or read poetry, whatever ya
wanna do. To make sure on a date if you must, talk to
Justin Kuzma...

Okay, well there is my plug for the night,

Good Night All...

Vicki! (And yes, God is still against me, but today, for
the most part, he gave me a break today... just to crush me
tomorrow at solo fest... ^wishes on star to have all after
school activities canceled^)