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2002-03-22 03:52:04 (UTC)

rosie and tony

So i am a little paranoied. Big deal. i am not going to
tell then that. I am not the only girlfriend in the world
who would get just a little jelious at the idea of another
girl, even one of her best and oldest friends, living with
her boyfriend. I don't like the idea that she gets to see
him before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up and all
of that fun stuff. I don't think that they are going to do
anything but it bothers me. they are always joking about
having sex. i know that they are not but the idea is
sickning. not them togethor so much but the idea that he
could be with someone else, ewww. i love him soooo much. i
try to explain it but i don't know how. it is just a
feeling. like when i see him i have to smile, even if it is
just to myself. when i think about him i smile. i am sure i
look like a big retard walking down the hall smiling. He is
just so wonderful but a bug jerk sometimes. Oh well, i love
him more than i have him and i always love him so, i am
sure you get the picture.
I think that rosie thinks that i am mad at her
because i was being really short with her. i am not mad at
her at all. i hope that she knows that. She has been one of
the only constant things in my life. i wonder if she knows
how much that has ment to me. i hope she does. i really do
trust her and i would do just about anything i could to
help her out if she needed it. that is what you do for your
well that is it for tonight. till later

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