Zone of Misfortune
2002-03-22 02:52:48 (UTC)


Well, the day started out as good as possible i guess...
Didn't do anything first peroid, Curuzie for second, third
finished and basicly got a 100 on the physics test, math--
Eh...lunch, finished crap in chem, nothing for theater or
english...and then i beat phumb in tennis 10-3 who was
supposedly better than me by 4 spots... and then ...

The problem is this... I play the guitar a certain's not really an imitation of anyone, just a
mixture or power, open, and a select weird chords with
riffs built in... and i got kinda pissed today.

Here's the thing... weaver, the singer in my band, 3
Cutting 7, has this style that is slowly starting to
almost piss me off. . . It's this never ending poem, with
long drawn out words and no repetition or change in
melody, tempo, rhythm... and it's sung to a song that has
been built out of verse, chorus, bridge, post/pre chorus,
and intro/outros...which basicly sounds like shit when
he "sings over it"

Then today, he tells me to make up more material and model
it after some stupid save's the day song... which i'm not
into... i basicly just wrote all the music for a fourth
song today, which i can tell he wasn;'t into...

There's more, he also sings for another band, not
good...and when we get together and write, mcguire, brandt
and i, they never say anything, i'm always stuck doing
everything and begging for just really got
to me today... Feel kinda like giving up...but i have that
commitment with the physics dance and falcon fair, so i
guess till then, and then we'll see what happens...right
now all the drive is gone... my energy has been
exhausted ...