lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-22 02:05:57 (UTC)

word of the day: ragdoll

yes, friends. we all have our own version of rosemary's
ragdoll in our lives. that's what i learned today :-)

ok so i'm a weird kid. i haven't been writing here cuz i
made a different one on a different site that was
cooler...but now i deleted it cuz i was writing way too
much & so now i'm left with nothing here. but there's
always today...ok.

i served my detention today. it wasn't bad at all, just
sat in mr. hall's room for 20 minutes. i finished my
spanish homework & looked at the clock & it was my turn to
leave. so it wasn't bad, and now my bad kid phase is over
for a few weeks. heh heh.

i dyed my hair today. brown. i wish my hair would stay
dark brown & grow 5 inches. that would make me happy,

today was pretty good, though...the only sad thing was that
they were having the funeral for kurt mautner today at
calvary and we all walked by while all these grieving
people were was sad. too many people have died
in car accidents.

anyway, uh, on that note...i'm excited for the weekend.
the date tomorrow's gonna be fun. and weekends are always
fun. and yeah--yeah. one more week till spring break.
ooh yay. alright, later.

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