Musings of a Social Outcast
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2002-03-22 02:04:49 (UTC)

First Convo

All of the screen names I use are fake except mine,
WAXTUR. I am in love with NJH and he is my best friend, so
you know. Each time I post a convo, I will tell the
relationship between me and the person...

WAXTUR [7:49 PM]: Hey NJH!
NJH[7:49 PM]: hey
NJH [7:49 PM]: how ya doin?
WAXTUR[7:49 PM]: I'm doin' good and you?
NJH[7:49 PM]: ok
WAXTUR[7:49 PM]: Anything wrong?
NJH[7:49 PM]: nah
NJH [7:50 PM]: not really
NJH [7:50 PM]: just hard to get things going good
WAXTUR [7:50 PM]: I'm sowwy... Anything I can do for ya?
NJH [7:50 PM]: nm
NJH[7:50 PM]: I;m an idiot
NJH [7:50 PM]: thing are goin pretty well, I suppose
WAXTUR [7:50 PM]: No you are not an idiot
NJH [7:50 PM]: nm
NJH[7:51 PM]: don't suppose u've told anyone about the
Pioneer neediong people for me have you?
WAXTUR [7:52 PM]: No, sorry I didn't know you needed me
to... sorry
NJH[7:52 PM]: s'okay
NJH[7:52 PM]: I'm kinda having trouble recruitin round
WAXTUR [7:52 PM]: Oh
NJH [7:53 PM]: all right though
NJH [7:53 PM]: we could use more ppl, it'll be all right
if we don't get'm
NJH [7:53 PM]: at lest that's what I'm tellin myself
WAXTUR [7:53 PM]: Well, I hope you get them
WAXTUR [7:53 PM]: Hey, as long as you're in it, it'll be
NJH [7:53 PM]: How true it is
NJH[7:53 PM]: Ha

WAXTUR [7:54 PM]: You are THE pioneer Without you,
what would they be?
NJH [7:54 PM]: that
NJH [7:54 PM]: 's pushin it
NJH [7:54 PM]: he he he
NJH [7:54 PM]: hey
WAXTUR [7:54 PM]: what?
NJH [7:55 PM]: after last camp, we stopped by my drum
majors grandmother's house, and I met his family a little.
I thinkin bout going and sein his lil sister in their
school's rendition of the Music Man
WAXTUR [7:55 PM]: Cool
NJH[7:55 PM]: NO! I don't like her, I just wanted to get
out a a lil, and it would be nice to see that play
NJH[7:55 PM]: just encase u were thinkin that
WAXTUR [7:56 PM]: Nope, I didn't think that
NJH [7:56 PM]: trouble is, she lives 3 hr, and ten min
away, according to mapquest
WAXTUR [7:56 PM]: I live 5 hrs. 26 min. and 12 sec. away
WAXTUR [7:56 PM]: hehehe
NJH [7:57 PM]: what's ur address?
NJH [7:57 PM]: one more time
NJH [7:59 PM]: k
NJH[8:00 PM]: I've got 5 hr and 42 min here
NJH[8:00 PM]: maybve mapquest is screweed up
NJH [8:00 PM]: maybe I just can't spell
WAXTUR [8:00 PM]: I think I must have remembered it wrong
NJH[8:00 PM]: nah
NJH [8:00 PM]: ur prolly right
NJH [8:00 PM]: u realize I'd have to go through
WAXTUR [8:00 PM]: :0 It doesn't matter []
WAXTUR [8:01 PM]: NO, I didn't realize that
VonBeck13 [8:01 PM]: check it out
WAXTUR [8:01 PM]: Is that a bad thing?
NJH [8:01 PM]: it's just a freekin long way
NJH [8:01 PM]: I don't drive that much
WAXTUR [8:01 PM]: ohhh
NJH [8:01 PM]: maybe 40 minutes a day
WAXTUR [8:02 PM]: yeesh
NJH [8:02 PM]: yeesh that's a lot, or not very much?
WAXTUR [8:02 PM]: not very much
NJH [8:02 PM]: nah
NJH [8:02 PM]: but I libe waaaay out in the boonies
WAXTUR [8:03 PM]: oh haha, they use that term there
too?? I thought that was a SC term...BOONIES!! haha
NJH [8:03 PM]: yup
NJH [8:04 PM]: well, I do come from a hick town
WAXTUR [8:04 PM]: haha, thats coolness
WAXTUR [8:04 PM]: me too
NJH [8:04 PM]: what time is it there?
WAXTUR [8:04 PM]: 8:04
NJH [8:05 PM]: k
WAXTUR [8:05 PM]: It's 7:04 there, right?
NJH [8:05 PM]: it's 704 here, and that means, that I've
gone waaaay too long w/o food
NJH [8:05 PM]: I'll be back in a sec
WAXTUR [8:05 PM]: haha
WAXTUR [8:05 PM]: ok
NJH [8:11 PM]: hey
NJH[8:11 PM]: I grabbed some birthday cheesecake
WAXTUR [8:11 PM]: [] Sounds good
NJH [8:11 PM]: mmm hmmm

WAXTUR [8:12 PM]: What all did you do for your birthday?
NJH [8:12 PM]: an infatable bed, with pump, a class ring
NJH [8:13 PM]: ...I can't think of anything else
NJH[8:13 PM]: right no
NJH[8:13 PM]: now*
NJH[8:13 PM]: oh!
WAXTUR [8:13 PM]: So...You did an inflatable bed, a pump,
and your class ring... man that's sick
NJH [8:13 PM]: and the DVD of BLAST
WAXTUR [8:13 PM]: What else did you DO?
WAXTUR [8:13 PM]: haha
NJH [8:13 PM]: why's that sick?
WAXTUR [8:13 PM]: sorry I couldn't resist that
NJH [8:14 PM]: ohhh
WAXTUR [8:14 PM]: haha
NJH [8:14 PM]: well, I left school early, and had a meal
with my dad, and lil sister, and then went off to
Milwaukee, wheer no one had any idea it was my b-day
WAXTUR [8:15 PM]: That sounds nice. My brother doesn't
do anything with us for my birthdays
NJH[8:16 PM]: yeah, but then I got pissed at both of them
before I left
WAXTUR [8:16 PM]: Why?!
NJH [8:16 PM]: long story
NJH [8:16 PM]: my lil sis pissed me off
WAXTUR [8:16 PM]: how
NJH[8:17 PM]: if it's cool wit u, I'd rather not go into
WAXTUR [8:17 PM]: ok, thats cool, just wonderin'
NJH [8:17 PM]: shit happened, and now it'd over
NJH [8:17 PM]: cool
NJH [8:17 PM]: thnx
WAXTUR [8:17 PM]: yep, in the past
WAXTUR [8:17 PM]: no prob
WAXTUR [8:21 PM]: so...whatcha wanna talk about?
NJH [8:22 PM]: I've een looking for different martial
arts, right?
WAXTUR [8:22 PM]: uh, right
NJH [8:23 PM]: I found an awesome, well rounded, kick
arse dojo
WAXTUR [8:23 PM]: cool
NJH[8:23 PM]: only one prob
WAXTUR [8:23 PM]: what?
NJH[8:23 PM]: it's in England
WAXTUR [8:23 PM]: hmmm
NJH[8:24 PM]: wel, I dunno
NJH [8:24 PM]: they need music teachers too, right?
WAXTUR [8:24 PM]: Yeah
NJH[8:25 PM]: oh
WAXTUR [8:25 PM]: Who needs music teachers?
NJH [8:25 PM]: well
NJH[8:25 PM]: you never know
NJH [8:25 PM]: ppl in England
WAXTUR [8:25 PM]: ohhh
WAXTUR [8:26 PM]: I have always wanted to go to England
WAXTUR [8:26 PM]: I signed up for my Junior classes
NJH [8:26 PM]: I don't mind where I am, as long as
I'menjoying myself
NJH [8:26 PM]: what classes r u takin?
WAXTUR [8:26 PM]: True,true
WAXTUR [8:27 PM]: Umm, English 3, Algebra2, World Civ,
Creative Writing, Newspaper, French 1, and French 2
NJH [8:28 PM]: cool
NJH [8:28 PM]: spunds like fun
WAXTUR [8:28 PM]: yeppers
WAXTUR [8:29 PM]: and my senior year, I am taking Honors
English 4, College English 101, College English 102,
Newspaper, Chemistry, Health/P.E., and U.S. Histiry
NJH [8:29 PM]: cool
NJH [8:30 PM]: u got it all planned out
WAXTUR [8:30 PM]: yeppers
WAXTUR [8:30 PM]: hold on brb
NJH [8:30 PM]: k
WAXTUR [8:34 PM]: I am back!
NJH [8:34 PM]: hallo
WAXTUR [8:35 PM]: Hewwo!

NJH [8:42 PM]: Hey
NJH[8:42 PM]: I'm sorry
WAXTUR [8:42 PM]: It's ok
NJH [8:42 PM]: my parents just both woke up, and I need
to get to practicin the baritone for jazz band
NJH [8:42 PM]: usually one of'ms sleepin, and now I gotta
take olg d of this opertunity, and practice
NJH[8:42 PM]: sorry
WAXTUR [8:43 PM]: It's ok... I'll talk to you later
NJH [8:43 PM]: k
WAXTUR [8:43 PM]: Luv you Lotz!
NJH [8:43 PM]: I'll try
NJH [8:43 PM]: luv u 2

WAXTUR[8:43 PM]: *Mwah
NJH [8:44 PM]: back at cha'