Intrigueing diary title
2001-05-16 07:46:10 (UTC)

Back from my sojourn at the country's expense

Hi everyone I'm back from Italy and in true british style I
completely failed to get a tan oh well theres always next
year(leaps up and shakes fist at sky)
I have to say coming back home and finding a deluge of fans
all itching for me to write my next diary entry was very
touching so to the one person who actually bothered to
write in thankyou and to all you other people I hope you
have to spend eternity sellotaped to Noel Edmonds without
earplugs or a beard guard. While a repeated medley of the
rolling things down hills bits plays from last of the
summer wine and not the old episodes the new crap ones.
I can't write for too long because I can't be bothered at
the moment so Yes you know what time it is my loyal brethren
Actually would one person just be a breth oh right here
goes I'm probably a bit rusty
(Jumps into convertible next to him turns to woman beside
him and says lets keep on riding they drive car over cliff
and tumble to their deaths while the theme tune to
nightrider plays over the top)(don't ask me why I just
thought I'd go with it)

I'll write a good one soon I promise

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