The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-03-22 01:28:25 (UTC)

long time NO see!!

hello all sorry i havent had much time to write in this
diary thingy so here i am WRITING AWAY!!! after
school Sean, Libby, and I went and got Krispy Kreeme
Donhuts (i cant spell!) because when i was watching the
Bloomberg news channel ladt night it said that KKD stock
was DOWN!!! Can you BElieve that!!! OH IT WAS SOOO
AWFUL...i cried and cried..(ok so i didnt CRY, but you know
what i mean) so we went and got donhuts and then we went to
the mall and walked around and did nothin really and then
we came home and that was it..BUT HEY WE HAD FUN FUN
FUN!!!! la de da so umm yes ok well buh bye