Secrets of a Nun
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2001-05-16 06:52:22 (UTC)

My first Confession

When I first decide to become a nun I thought I was going
to devote my self a hundred person to God.Unfortunetly It
is not as simple as that .

Four years as a nun,I now come to have doubts about the
foundation of the Church itself.I never use to have doubts
about my beliefs before I was a nun.

The incidents that have occured around my while I am living
in this so called holy salvation and that which I have
willingly participate bothers my concsience.I hope this will
be a place where I can to some degree clear my conscience.

I suppose poeple might redicule me that I should keep go to
confession if I have something on my conscience.If only
they knew what I am going through.

I carry with me some very dark secrets.I am in dilemma
between tarnishing the whole occupation of priesthood and
having a guilty conscience.

Now seeing what have happen I began really to question the
validity of celibacy