The Nightshade Princess
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2002-03-21 23:20:43 (UTC)

my "other sense" strikes again

I nearly had another of my attacks today in third
period/lunch. I felt myself begin to hyperventillate, felt
the pressure in my head, and the hysteria started to dig
into my flesh. I fought it all, being in the middle of
class at the worst part of it. I managed to swallow most
of it but not all. I felt that something was wrong, very
wrong. I saw my father in my mind. I saw him behind the
wheel of a car and felt that what was wrong had something
to do with him. It seems that I may be horrifyingly
right. He was supposed to be home when I returned from
school today. He wasn't, so I called him and asked him
where he was. He would NOT answer my question, and told me
that he would be home in half an hour, but his voice was so
grave... I could not explain the dread I felt. 2 1/2 hours
later, no word, and he isn't answering his cell at all. I
mean I think I asked him multiple times, but he did not
want me to know. I think that it had something to do with
either him or my grandparents.
My father has a bleeding ulcer in his stomach, a heart
problem, and a blood-pressure problem currently, not to
mention that he is borderline diabetic. Any one of these
things could have caused a big problem. The other theory
of mine for him is a car accident, because the image I got
and its association was one of turmoil and an image of
father in the truck.
The windows were all open and the door left unlocked.
Father has been known to leave the house in such a state
dashing after a family member in possible medical danger.
He could quite possibly have gotten news about my
grandfather (more on this in the next paragraph), and raced
to a hospital, which would explain the half-hour wait, and
then the over 2 1/2 hour lateness... something else could
have erupted.
My grandfather was blinded recently in one eye by
bleeding behind the said organ. The surgically repaired
it, but he still does not have much sight in that eye. He
has also had a stroke, and the last that I heard, he was
not doing "too well" but then he wasn't in major trouble
either. I am thinking something happened to him, perhaps
another stroke or injury or condition that worsened. As
you can see I have good cause to believe that I was right.
I haven't been wrong yet, not about something like this.
I tried to call father about half an hour ago maybe 45
minutes, and my brother had tried to call him an hour and a
half ago or so, and we only got voicemail, so I really
don't know what to think. I'm getting off now to wait for
a call and soon I shall see what happened and update you