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2002-03-21 23:10:20 (UTC)

Brief List of My CD's

Here is a list of C.D.'s that I currently own. This list
does not include the other c.d.'s that I have access to,
such as my sisters or parents.

I'll do the artists/groups/soundtracks instead of actual
c.d. These are in no particular order.

Deana Carter
LeAnn Rimes (3)
Alice in Chains
Terri Clark
Backstreet Boys
Barenaked Ladies (2)
Neal McCoy
Coyote Ugly soundtrack
Con Air soundtrack
Creed (2)
Celine Dion
Eve 6
Friends soundtrack
DC Talk
Lisa Loeb
Metallica (4 & a double cd)
Michael Franks
My Best Friend's Wedding soundtrack
Garth Brooks (2)
The Nelons
Nine Inch Nails
'N Sync
Sarah McLachlan
Savage Garden
Carmen (1 & a double cd)
City of Angels soundtrack
Stone Temple Pilots (2)
Stephen Curtis Chapman (2)
Top Gun soundtrack
Third Eye Blind
Titanic soundtrack
Wow the 90's (both discs)
Wayne's World soundtrack
Wayne's World 2 soundtrack
Faith Hill
Wow Worship
Loaded With Hits (both discs)
Celtic River
All Time Greatest Movie Songs [soundtrack of various movies]
Student Life Praise
Allison Krauss
Ten Things I Hate About You soundtrack
Leather and Lace [various artists]
Shania Twain

I have some more cd's in my car, but I am having a slight
lapse in memory and I cannot remember what they are right
now. Oh well.

So, as you can tell I enjoy listening to a wide variety of
music. I do not own all the cd's that I want, actually I
borrow other people cd's all the time. I am not made of
money so I cannot afford all the cd's that I want. So, this
will have to do for now.

~Vanilla Moon~

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