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Pen, Parchment and Hope
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2002-03-21 22:46:01 (UTC)

I Have Returned

Well, it's been over a month since I last wrote in this
diary. I do have another online diary and I write in it
nearly everyday as of late. I do like this diary site
(enough) so I may continue to occasionaly write in it.

I never did really introduce and explain/describe myself.
My last entry explained a bit about me in the ramblings. I
tend to ramble on about unimportant things quite often.
Let's see... I'm a female, fairly young, student and
cashier, writer, dreamer, loves to read, thinks M & M's and
Reeses are the best... THe next (few) entries will be
various information about me. Possibly a short list of my
books (most likely the list of authors, that would be heck
of a lot shorter) and maybe a short list of my c.d's (maybe
by artist/group, otherwise it would be long also). And
possibly a list of characters in this play that I call my
life. Then I'll get down to business and write in this like
a regular diary. And maybe someone will read it. Hey, it
could happen. (Which reminds me of a good movie "It Could
Happen to You" starring Nicholas Cage and some girl whose
name I can't think of right now.) Hmmm...maybe I'll list my
favorite movies, since I couldn't possibly list all the
movies that I own (at last count in June there was 161
movies in my collection and it has grown some since then).

So, I'm off for now to begin another entry...

~Vanilla Moon~

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