2002-03-21 22:35:21 (UTC)


ah jibberish. gotta love it.
let's see... what's happened so far...

-scribbles is up (need Quills grapic)
note to self: pester Ziggy for her Forum remix

I'm working sound for theater (just the pit stuff) and all
i can say about that is 'damn'.
my first time working sound and they split up the
instruments into 12 mics and 6 controls. Balancing sucks.
It's worse when I've got a music lady who can't make up her
bloody mind about how freaking loud the stuff needs to be
in the first place. Don't get me wrong- i greatly
appreciate her help about the balancing- but leave the damn
volume to me at least. I'd like to think my name belongs on
the program not that i'm just sitting there and she's doing
all that crap. Hell, i'm not THAT incompetant.


yesterday there was a field trip for my computer classes-
we got to go see some high-quality nerd shit for the day. i
ended up playing black-jack with about 4 other guys for the
last 2 hours that we were there. I should sooooo be a
casino dealer. Would've made a fortune against those guys...
that or i could be a stripper. **wiggle wiggle wiggle**
reason for that comment: fluffy asked me at the play
rehersal if i was going to pay for college by being a
stripper. the thought had previously come to mind actually,
but i don't think it'd ever happen.
*lets that subject die it's horrid painful death*

speaking of deaths- i'm finally starting to type out the
chapters of my story. yaay! also getting inspiration
through songs, as i had hoped i would. already got a major
turning point chapter thought out- now i just need to know
what the hell the name of the song that triggered it was.
(i'm naming the chapters after songs i know/like that
somewhat relate to what's going on in that chapter.)
Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" is the first one- cookies and
brownie points for anyone who can guess what it'll be about.
doubt anyone'll get this though- it's the first chapter after all. oh
well, if you're bored, humor me.

I'm done. really i am. ... ok no i'm not. PUNK WIG!!