sheesh ya fuck
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2002-03-21 21:53:58 (UTC)

when could he just get a try?..

when could he just get a try? ive got some stolen money but
now i swear its mine. we could get that twenty we could
get more. and i talk to him he sorts around himself falling
over his own eyes and agrees. i need. i got to get this.
melting pot melting me im crazy fucking dont
care..repeating through my head...hes looking around always
looking around..soo we rode along with hes the passenger im
backseat bitch and we know the routine its always them who
know them ive never actually encountered the last phase
wait in the car or stay here or be back or if hes really
paranoid like once..looks at me and says you arent going to
steal my car are you? i tell him i dont know how to drive
so he doesnt worry about it any longer..shit..smack smaack
in my hand...were off..gas station circle k with the Gwar
old man attendant whos drooling down my face the whole time
the ladiesroom is cleaner. we have are gos right out of the
sac..except i take more..and leave much of little..stingy
bitch he cries..i paid i paid fuck. walk out talk to
Gwar old bastard about Gwar..