Exposing My Dystopia
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2002-03-21 21:14:42 (UTC)

thingz happening.

i dont kno what my life has evolved into. now it seems that
i have to either, stay with mark, kill myself, or leave
this place and make a new life somewhere else. the thought
of leaving everything ive started here breaks my heart. i
dont kno what else i can do though. my life here is nothing
without mark. i dont think i want to kill myself... but itz
the option that hurts me the least but hurtz others the
most. can i be selfish like that? im not sure i have that
capability. i dont know where id go if i left here. its not
that there iznt anywhere, id just have to make a choice. i
think id end up going down to bother julian. what the fuck
is wrong with me? does everyone have problems like that? if
only i had someone else to fall back on. someone to love.