Book of Souls
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2001-05-16 03:43:06 (UTC)

5/15/01 The Day the Writing Began

This is my first entry. Hi. Well not much else to
say...haha. Kidding. I'm kind of bumbed out actually. I
graduate from high school in three weeks. That's a good
thing. The bad thing is that in the past two months I have
become so diconnected with my class. I have no marching
partner, I don't know what's going on with our class trip,
I don't even talk to my old friends. That's rough. I think
it is anyways. I will never see these people again. I'm
going to get stuck with some retarded partner. Everyone
else has girlfriends, boyfriends, old school friends. I was
so busy with my new life I forgot I had to finish my old
one first I guess. Now everyone is taken. All my friends
are paired off. That has me really upset. I don't even know
why. Why should I care? I turned my back on them. I was the
one who slammed the door shut and joined a new age group.
that's right, in all bu credits I guess I'm a junior. I
talk to them and have more classes with them then I do with
my own class. It sort of hurts though that I was so easily
forgotten. I much did I do for them? How many
times did I listen to problems, hold hands while they
cried, made jokes, and listened to bad ones. How often did
I lead them, help them, be one of them. And now I cease to
exist to them. I brought it upon myself I guess. I turned
from them to Her. Oh, if I refer to Her with a capitol H, I
probably mean Corri, the love of my life. So...betrayed by
all those I loved and sheltered by those I never knew
existed, I continue on my existence, living day to day,
with only one thought in my head: survival. But alas, my
journey is a long one and fraught with tales of woe and
danger. But it is a story that maybe I will tell you later.
I'm going to bed. I'm getting weird.

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