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2002-03-21 20:04:55 (UTC)

taking a deep breath before jumping in

Woke up at the nice hour of 6 AM this morning and managed
to stumble down the loft by 6:05. I have successfuly (sp?)
gone to brkfst every morning this week, except for Monday.
Then again, Monday was the only day I managed to get kinda
dressed. Ha. Clothes or going to brkfst, I mean...it's a
tough choice. Ha. 2 cups of coffee were necessary this
morning...and tomorrow...may have to go to brkfst just for
some coffee that I don't have to make. That's sad.
Lab this morning was rather...tedious I guess is the word.
Not so much really tedious as annoying. That happens more
and more as the semester goes on I think. And of course we
don't get a week off of labs for Easter. Except I'm
confused b/c I know in the fall semester we got a week off
b/c of fall break. I could use a week without labs. Wow.
Managed to get a little of my lab write-up started though
during the hour we had to conduct a "gentle reflux."
Sounds kinda gross...gentle reflux...ha.
Had time to run to the bookstore to pick up a scantron, and
then back here to put on some different clothes b/c for the
4th or 5th day in a row it decided to be rainy, and I was
wet. CEP...it was CEP, but I enjoyed the speaker this
week. Made you think.
Today's lunch in Marshbanks was complete with being
watched over like prisoners by 4 campus security guards and
1 Harnett County sherriff deputy. Quality.
Came back for a quick nap. Didn't sleep. On the plus
side...they called to tell me that my inner-libary loan
books were in. That's good b/c I need them for my research
due 3/27. That's right...I should probably start that
sometime. Not that I haven't attempted but it's so in
depth and it really takes a lot for me to understand it
all. May make a quick trip home this weekend to pick up a
few more books and some text books from last semester to
see if they'll help.
This afternoon...I'm dragging myself to the libary to hole
up in a cubicle and make myself study for a few hours...and
probably back there tonight. :-( I loathe the library. It
is evil.