Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-03-21 18:26:59 (UTC)

Boring, boring, bored......

Boring, boring, bored....

Scanner isn't working!!

Hmm..we have exams on the 22nd of April which are *quite*
important and we were only told yesterday! And we got new
school uniform rules set today. No black at all everything
is navy blue-besides sho which have to be black. Fuck that,
that's just stupid! We're not allowed to wear makeup or dye
our hair...

I hate school. BUT it looks like we're going to get thi
really, really cool maths teacher.
She took us yesterday.
She was late, had messy blonde hair and was dropping her
books all over the floor. It was so funny. She was wearing
DrM which is....very against the school rules and again the
rules for teachers to wear too...and she was all in black.
She is the best teacher in the maths department for a long

I hope we have her for maths next year...

I finally got my two CD's yesterday-YAY!

And Manson was saying schtuff about his new album..only a
few months to go now!