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2001-05-16 03:21:29 (UTC)

Tuesday Night..

Wow- time has passed. I went to a wedding shower for navada-
she is marring Chris England, very nice girl. She got alot
of good stuff. I can't wait until I get married. then I went
to the sunday night service... yes it was good- not very
many people there. kelly gave a good message- Andy led
worship- I found myself criticing it more than worshipin.
tsk tsk. I shouold really know better. Kelly mentioned not
being able to get a band/singer for next week and I offered
myself. third weekend in a row!! then after I came home I
went downstairs and tried to write... I tried so hard- you
just have to be in the right state of mind sometimes. I
think tha tI will try playing and singing songs that I
already know to get the creative juices flowing- or trying
out a new chord in a progression,,, or a new picking
patttern. that is fun. yes. well I slept on the couch cuz,
that was the place I feel asleep. Monday morning I work up
and painted the hallway, and gave oriol's room a second coat
and I prepped the living room, by moving all the furniture
into the kitchen area and into the centre of the living
roon, I puddied and sanded the walls, so it was all ready to
paint... then my mom came home and we decided to go out for
supper with my grandparents- but just before that- I got a
job interview at the Broadway Roastary... ha ha. I put in my
resume like 3 weeks ago- wow. so that interview is on
Thursday and 1pm... YES. so we went to grainfields. Grandma
has lobster and I had pasta. my mom, dad and gradpa had the
prime rib. it was a nice meal. then mom and dad and I
watched t.v. and we went to bed.
I woke up this morning. late to an empy house. I hate the
fact that I sleep in everyday. I called Jon- cuz I really
need that money. he said he would drop it off tonight.. but
he has not called and it's not here. ARGH. so I painted the
living room today, and gave the hallway another coat. and
then painted the living room again. then, mom and I went to
the salad extravaganza- that was fun- but there are so many
older ladies there. I felt really out of place. WEll. that
was the last few day's.

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