a watercolour stain
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2002-03-21 18:05:25 (UTC)

not much

nothing really worth speaking of has been going on. i got
bernadette's package out in the mail. her finger is still
broken, so she's still working on my stuff. she said it
shouldn't be too much longer. yay! well, i think the
previous talk about threesomes somehow wiggled it's way
into my dreams. i had a crazy, erotic dream about me,
isaac and pam. quite interesting really. hmmm...*sigh* i
have really been thinking about going to visit anne this
summer. i think we'd have soo much fun. the only problem
is that i'd wanna go alone and i'm sure isaac would have a
problem with it. i guess you'll have that. ok, isaac
works late, so perhaps i'll write more later on. :)