The Princess
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2002-03-21 17:55:33 (UTC)

Update On Life...

Alot has been going on since I last wrote an entry in this
diary. My ex-husband from a second marriage called me out
of the blue asking me if I wanted custody of our daughter,
Stephanie. She was 8 when my he picked them on a weekend
visitation, and never brought them back. That was 9 years
ago! She is 17 years old now. I told him I would love to
have Steph here with me! So I fixed up a spare bedroom just
for her. Its painted in Lavender, and I bought her a new
quilt set, pillows, sheets,a throw rug, candles , Bath &
Body stuff. My mom made curtains for her room and they
turned out so nice! I put her in there a tv, a stereo, a
vcr. I even put in a huge mirror, because you know how
teenagers when they get ready for school. LoL But ex
husband has done this to me before about 6 years ago, he
showed up at a friends of mine and told them to get ahold
of me because the girls wanted to see me. So they gave me
his phone #, address, etc.. we couldn't get ahold of them
by phone, so they took me up there to there ehouse, which
was about an hour away, and when we got there, they
wouldn't answer the door. So we came back home, and I
called up there, no answer, so I left a message, and he
called me back cussing me out, said he didn't give my
friend the phone # or address, funny I called him at his
house from the # he gave to my friend. So now its been 7
years since that incident , and here he is getting ahold of
me again. So I don't know if he is actually serious about
giving me Steph, or if it is just one of his little games
again. Only time will tell. He did call my mom first and
explained to her whats going on, then he gave my mom his #
and I called him back. He is suppose to be getting a lawyer
to draw up the custody papers. Our daughter Steph is a ward
of the court and is in a foster home now because she ran
away. She didn't want to go back home so they put her in a
foster home. So maybe this time, he is legit about allowing
me to have her, Lets hope so! Till next time!

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