Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-03-21 16:53:36 (UTC)

been a week

So, it was one week ago that I did my mid-week weigh in and
was depressed when I was 1 lb heavier. When it was time to
have my official weigh in, I had lost no weight. I was SO
upset!! So, I thought about it and realized that I had been
cheating. I was adding a couple carbs here & there, a
couple fat grams here and there, and it was too much. I
also had been talikng in caffeine and for ketosis to really
work, that is a no-no. SO, after determining that cheating
was really cheating myself, I readjusted and hit back onto
the diet, hard and heavy. I have done the diet without
eating after 5 except for one slip-up. I made a cup of
broth and added 2 tblspoons grated cheese last night. Not
bad at all and it made me feel better. For a meal today, I
have even knocked out my salad.

And for my mid-week weigh in I was down 2 more lbs!!!
yay!!! I was at 152!!! I can't really see it yet, but have
been told by other people that they can. YAY!!!!

Now, on to Atlanta!! 2 weeks and I am there!!!I have made
soem of my plans and am really really ready for a vacation.
Plus, I will have the girls and I miss them so much. I am
ready to eb away from here.

I am going shopping this weekend. I really need some cute
spring and summer stuff. I think it will buoy me up some
too. Getting my hair done tomorrow and I think I am going
blonder. Maybe some blonde chunks.

I am almost at 3 months not smoking too and I am pretty
proud of that as well.

Well, that's me for today. Later....

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