Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-21 16:27:19 (UTC)

Of All The Things In All The World...

I could see as I go to collect today's Daily Examiner by
the self-same football pitch I was lamenting this morning,
(I've been using lamenting a lot of late) after being asked
by an attractive girl (ooh, 25-ish, maybe a little younger)
called Rachel to speak on behalf of Cowcliffe's youth, as
to where the new football post erected, and having pondered
the great coincidence of that happening on the very day of
my missing the old one, what do I see?

If it isn't the body of a duck. Those of you who know dry
hilltops will know that ducks are not normal residents in
such areas, so to see one at all is a shock. To see one
having been torn apart and its feathers scattered over a
rather large area (wind-scattered, I presume) with its head
having been stamped on, would be even more worrying.

But, there we go.

It was there.

Not nice, not big, not clever.

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