My Life.............
2002-03-21 16:12:57 (UTC)

Well, Jeff is on yahoo, he sent..

Well, Jeff is on yahoo, he sent me an offline message this
morning, i was shocked he usually doesnt talk to me.LOL i
guess he found the chats, im a little disapointed, but, i
guess ill have to get over that, i dont own him, we are just
Brian was supposed to call me the other night on my cell
phone, he didnt, i came home and said thanks alot for the
call i reallly apreciated it, he wasnt to nice about it
either, he gave me some nasty words.:( then he told me not
to pm him anymore, and i said fine, is that what you want,
but, he still talks to me, so, oh well...
I lost 6 more pounds, im getting closer and closer to my
goal every day, it feels so great, i cant believe ive made
it this far, 7 months, it seems like forever since ive
started doing this.:)

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