Like A Frightened Rabbit
2002-03-21 15:57:03 (UTC)


phils better now. jack got beat up this morning and was in
hospital, but he's out and he's ok.

phil and jack r leaving. they r off to live down south with
phils sis. just for a lil bit while they get their act
together. they r thinking of going to college and getting
sum gcse's and maybe alevels or watever.

we're also making a clean break.

i wont see them again.

phil's gonna call me in a few years wen everything is
better and maybe we'll meet up again. its for the best
seeing as everytime we see eachother we remind eachother of
mickey dying, all the bad trips, all the hitting and
raping, and shouting and hate.

but we also do remember all the good stuff. and there was
so much good stuff...and that is ours.

i'm gonna miss them. but i'll c them again.