The Fallen and Damned
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2002-03-21 15:12:37 (UTC)

promiscuous runaways and discrimination against my black prom date


why geeks?

why not yummies

i lost five pounds, but then i gained one back, damnit
i think that i can lose a good 20 pounds if i cut my arms
off.... but then again whats the fun of that , cause then i
couldnt hold stuff at least not and stand up, and what would
i do with them... maybe frezze them, or put them in a barrel
of whisky....or maybe i would pay someone to canibalize them
.... yes but who? ,,,, maybe one of my stalkers . . . . .

as for that horrible institution they call "prom" - what
does that mean anway??
P.R.O.M. -
pretty randy orange monkeys
precious rashes on mike
promiscuous runaways occupy motels

oh well .. . . .. . .. . . if alex asked me i would say
yes, he is sweet and really smart - ok so he isnt hot , he
is kind of cute in a pug sort of way . . . . . besides like
appearences really matter . . . .. if ********** asked me i
would definitly go ...and he'd better / / / // /if dan
asked me i would have to point him in sommer's direction -
however he probably wont . .. im stil working on him
though, yes he is going with sommer whether he likes it or
not, mua ha ha ha . . . . . .if ben asks me , i will be
very happy, but will probably politly decline.. . . he's
weird latly, but a good friend. . . . those are the only
people i can possibly think might ask me ....but probably no
one will ask me being me and all .....however i will
ask ------- probably, cause he is who i really want to go
with, and he probably knows it

lets face it - ive never really gotten over him, and i bet
he hasnt gotten over me .. . . it started so long ago, when
he was infatuated with me , , ,, i liked him too, but i
wasnt ready for that sort of thing, and he was so green and
immature, it was so sweet - besides that , i played a lot
of mind games with him and i think that really scarred him
....i hope he isnt gazing elsewhere, but i have my charms-
and i am very skillfull when i want to be . . . . . little
lotte thought of everything and nothing, her father promised
her tha he would send her the angel of music , her father
promised her . . . her father promised her . . . . dark
stories of the north / / / i love how sweet he is , but i
love his dark side too.. and i think that he would be quite
beautiful in bed . . .. . tee hee silly me // // / // /

maybe ill jsut go with intruder but i cant decide to
wear white or black, so he may or may not match . . .
although black goes with everything :) and besides as long
as i am taking him for a walk, he doesnt care where we go ,
and he'd look mighty nice in a tux, though nude maybe
better, / / / / / / i cant scream discrimintation when he
is denied an the basis of his race greyhounds are people
too!! woof ., . . . .

sniff sniff

i named my new crab dream - maybe his middle name wil be
rabbit dream rabbit , , ,, , ,, he needs a last name
like Odyssius - goddess bless him - hhis name was odyssius
ovid nosferatu .... now i have dream rabbit , , , , hmmmm
dante? voltaire /? bradbury? dali? yes dali dream
rabbit dali .// good good

well goodbye becky