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2001-05-16 02:14:35 (UTC)

...and I thought I knew what a..

...and I thought I knew what a friend was...

As it turns out, a close (should I even call her that since
she's always obsessed with her boyfriend/fiance?)friend is
spending more and more time obsessing over her boyfriend,
and thats the only thing she talks to me about...(I listen,
she drools)

And then I find out today tht she won't be joining me for
our annual Charity Run/Walk that we do every year...Her
excuse? "I want to spend time with my boyfriend.." I even
asked her boyfriend to join us for the run, but that's not

When she told me today she didn't even sound
sympathetic...I feel like I've been used...a rag doll
tossed aside with no account for my feelings..

It's not only this time it's happened...It's happened other
times too...

I don't know what to do anymore...


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