Beanie Babys Life
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2002-03-21 07:34:22 (UTC)

Life is Bullshit

Fuck this shit man, life is nothing but a fucking bull
shit. God sent me here to make my life a living hell. every
thing i do is wrong, every thing i say is wrong. Fuck this
bull shit. I apparently fucking love derric, and his gf got
pissed at me and all this bull shit, she says i can't call
him or talk to him, fuck this bull shit man, it's all
fucking bull shit. I'm so fucking sick of every one's bull
shit, i just wanna fucking scream. i'm so fed up with this
bull shit life, its fucking stupid. fuck all this fuck all
you. what i'm writing here, there is no fucking point to.
what i'm doing here, is no fucking point. i'm not allowed
to be best friends with melissa, cause its wrong. im not
allowed to talk to derric, cause of chook. grova and i
arent even friends any more, fuck all this fucking bull
shit. im sick of every thing man fuck.

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