the Humble

Long Exile
2002-03-21 05:27:26 (UTC)

I had sort of an interesting..

I had sort of an interesting day.

AP U.S. History was boring. We finished WWI and are now in
the stupid '20's. The WWI chapter wasn't even very
interesting. Just a brief, VERY condensed version of the
war. Just a few mentions of its beginning, a paragraph
about the Western front, and two or three things about the
peace treaty. The rest was on the home front: the economy
and the tightening up of American civil liberties. So much
was left out about the war itself. It's sad, though maybe
I'm just feeling that way 'cause the world wars have always
been an interest to me.
Except for a mention of poison gas, not a thing was said
about WWI's technological advances. The tank had been
invented and so were planes with guns. Not a thing was
said about the Italian or Eastern fronts. Other than "the
Communists took over and they backed out of the war"
nothing was said of the plight of its people; that the
common classes were feeling oppressed by the czars, that
the people were starving because of Turkey's blockade on
the Dardanelles (?). Most of Russia's Western ports
depended on the Black Sea, and Turkey crippled them.
Nothing was said of Italy's turning sides and becoming a
liability to both sides; or that WWI was one of the first
major wars fought by Australia, whom had left many of its
men behind in failed Commonwealth campaigns against
Turkey. How about when Jerusalem was taken away from the
Muslims by American/British forces, something that many had
been trying to do since the Crusades in the Middle Ages?
How about Japan joining the war on the Pacific front,
capturing islands that would later be burned into the
memories of the following generation?

Albeit to say, I was sort of disappointed. *shrugs*