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2001-05-16 01:15:31 (UTC)

As the world burns,...

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important things today |
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Bah. It was bullshit, pure bullshit. Not a thing hard about
it. I was the first person to finish the test in a group of
about 30 or so. ^_^. I guess it isn't that big a deal,
because everyone else taking the test was hicks. XD. Very,
very funny. Although, I did a stupid thing at the beginning
of the day. I didn't listen to the morning announcements
(like usual) and I didn't see anyone leaving out of my 1st
period class to go take the test, so about 15 minutes into
the class the algebra teacher came and got me. ^_^;. Man,
did I feel like a dumbass.
Besides that, everything was the usual, except for 2
things. Because the algebra teacher was giving the EOC
test, I got to spend my 3rd period (I finished my test
about 5 minutes before 3rd period) in the library. ^_^. At
lunch, my friend spent his time feeling this chick up
(again), and this other chick made another tit pic for him
(I did mention yesterday that Nikki did a tit pic for him
right?) He says hes gonna let me see them, but hes not
gonna let me have a copy. Oh well. Good enough. Other than
that, I'm tired as hell, and on the verge of passing out.
Well, that'll be all for now. I'm out. Gonna take a shower
and go to sleep. @_@;. 8:14 PM right now.

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