2002-03-21 04:06:20 (UTC)

A little sweet belief.

This isn't EXACTLY my mood right now..... but it's what i
believe, and it's sweet. Didn't wanna read it at
first 'cause it looked long, lol.. but anywayz, thanks
Stephanie for putting this on your profile, gurl:)!
God bless ya'll.

I don't know if you're near or far away, but I know that
I'm thinking of you today.
I don't know if I even know your name, but I know that i'm
praying for you just the same.
Someday we'll fall in love, you'll be mine and i'll be
yours, our hearts will be one, and our love will ever
And i'll need you, and i'll want you, and I'll find you
Then i'll love you, then i'll hold you, then i'll be with
you always.
Our love will be so strong and pure, you will make me feel
like I have never felt before, you will be perfect only for
me, you will make these eyes begin to see.
Your faith for the Lord will be strong, even though I know
the wait is long, and though i'm young I still believe,
that you're out there praying for me.