Product of a Broken Home
2002-03-21 04:03:38 (UTC)

and i will sit right here, waiting for the gift of sound and vision...

life is going interestingly...

i'm writing the script for a cliché romance movie called
"les poisson". its going ok. i'm going to have to work
stuff out, and any donations to the production of said film
would be appreciated, you'll even get your name in the


my family is mad at the rest of my family. its getiing a
bit confusing.

my mom is angry at my dad, her mom, and my aunt and her
my grandmother is angry at my mom, dad, and my aunts
daughter but not my aunt.
my other grandmother is mad at my grandmother, and my mom,
and dad too i think
my aunt is mad at my grandmothewr, and my mom and me
my cousin is mad at me
my great grandmother is mad at my grandmother {her
daughter} and my dad, and his sister.
and me and my brother are generally angry with eachother.

i don't think i can keep it straight for much longer.
i guess i'm just trying to put a humourous spin on it all,
because it helps me deal with it.

and i just got my dads address, so i think i'll write him a

that about covers it.