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2002-03-21 02:49:06 (UTC)

Little Girl You're In the Middle of The Ride

Today was an okay day. It was raining alot, so it was kinda
blah, but besides that it wasnt too bad. In chem., this
senior guy John Lutz was walking through the halls and he
randomly stopped infronta my class and was waving to me and
smiling, and he's so cute and it was so funny, cuz I didnt
think he was actually waving to ME. he's in my last period
computer class, and he's like...shanen! did u see me waving
to you? and i'm like yupppppppp. i think he might be gay
though, me and erin h. arent sure yet.

right now me and brian "geetro" are playing the question

joe neglia said he wil join a club w/ me next year.

the whole ricky thing still has not quite set in it, i am
hoping it will all just go away i guess.

ok wow joe neglia is gonnna ask me out soon, i can feel it.
the online aura, haha.

Sk8Bae [9:36 PM]: when she found out that i actually
cared and she tried to hide it... it just pissed me off
Sk8Bae [9:37 PM]: yea it's cool it's not ur fault
LuvAble2O1 [9:38 PM]: yeah i kno, but on behalf of the
whole female species.....sorry
LuvAble2O1 [9:38 PM]: cuz i kno girls tend to mess up
guys sometimes
LuvAble2O1 [9:38 PM]: but then again, boys mess up girls
Sk8Bae [9:39 PM]: yea i kno
Sk8Bae [9:39 PM]: it's not ur fault so don't say sry
LuvAble2O1 [9:40 PM]: ooook if u say so

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