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2002-03-20 23:33:56 (UTC)

Day 3

Status: Room, done. Bookcase, painted.
What's left: Stenciling, bureau painted and stenciled.

It's really cool how the light at different times of day
hit the paint and makes it look like a different color. I
really like it. I can't wait for my bed. That is what is
going to tie the whole room together. Oh yes, I have to
remind my mom that we need to paint the ceiling in the
bathroom. You know, phone calls that last for 2 hours in
the middle of the day aren't conducive to painting. Though,
it does leave me a good nap. That was nice. Got the Bed,
Bath, & Beyond catalogue today. Neato stuff! I need new
pillows and new sheets. I'm really ready to move back in. I
love to travel, and go places, and explore, but I don't
like not sleeping in my room when I'm in my own house. It
feels weird. I don't know how to explain it. I also
realized that it's not that I'm a wuss, as my mother oh so
nicely puts it, but it's the fact that I don't like to be
dirty. It doesn't gross me out or anything like that, but
it doesn't feel good. I think it's some kind of
obsessive/compulsive thing. Like counting stairs. Hmmm.

I'm really tired. And hot. Had a late lunch, so I think
that I'll count that as dinner. Maybe I'll go skinny
dipping. One of the advantages to being home alone with a
pool. It's probably too cold just yet though.

Yuck! Covered in paint!! I hate this!! I'm so ready for it
to be done. It looks so good though. I'm really proud.

Tomorrow is Thursday. There is a young adult youth group
thing tomorrow. I think I'll try to go. You can never have
too many friends. I haven't been to church in awhile. I
feel badly. Maybe that's one reason I've been feeling
listless lately.

I was putting the face plate back on the phone place in the
wall, and took a chunk out of my finger. I don't mind blood
really. Doesn't bother me. Now, I don't like watching
people get shots. That's disgusting.

I hope there is a new ER tomorrow. I really hope even more
that we're done with painting tomorrow. *sigh* It's
vacation, but my mother insists on waking me up early. I
have a test on Monday. Can't forget.

As I read over what I have written, I realize it's a lot of
shit. Oh well. I think in spurts like that. I'm tired. I
get lots of leeway in journal writing when I'm tired. Deal.


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