a little piece of me
2002-03-20 22:47:52 (UTC)

more of the usual bs

today has gone ok. i haven't been getting enough sleep
lately, though. took a little nap today actually. only an
hour. would have slept longer if mom hadn't called. it's
cool, though, cause friday i have to pick up my cap and
gown, so she had to make my appt for later in the
afternoon. less than 2 months until graduation. how great
is that?

my ring is getting frustrating already. got one part
almost done. need to add more solder, cause i didn't get
enough on the first time. still have some gaps. hopefully
i don't ruin this. i entered my box in the student art
show. i'm not expecting to win anything. don't think it's
that good.

talked to turtle again last night. he showed me this pic
of a wolf he did. blew my mind. he's such a great
artist. he and i kinda half jokingly threw around the idea
of starting a tattoo and piercing place together. how
fucking cool would that be? i told him i wanted to move to
new orleans, and he said no problem. he'd be willing to
relocate. i know we weren't being all that serious, but i
absolutely love that idea. he'd do the tattoos, and i
would do the piercings. of course, i'd like to learn both,
and so would he. he said he'd do any and every tattoo for
me that i wanted. that could be trouble...i'd have them
everywhere. i'm not going to put much more thought into
this for now, but as graduation approaches, it's definitely
something to seriously consider.

well, i suppose that's it for now. damn i'm tired.