Shauna's Daily thoughts
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2001-05-15 22:31:17 (UTC)

May 15, 2001

my first entry Yah! ok well life for me is a hard thing to
explian. Im a foster child and have been for 2 yrs, and I
am about to go home and why am I in foster care? My father
abused me at a young age until i was 14 and then i
overdosed and told on him and now Im here. so in a nutshell
thatts my life and I paln on using this for an outlet of
things that really bug me so for whoever reads this yuo may
get a inside look at life at times or you can read about my
daily events. which in either case can be quite personal.
If youd like you can email me and give suggestions on what
you want to know about me Im really openminded.