Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-03-20 22:15:59 (UTC)

And he squishes me again...

4th period God came out from his house in the clouds to
look down upon me and squish me around again! damn it all
to hell... I was supposed to try out for a solo again with
mary, and Mrs. Story never let us have that second
chance... she looked past us and gave the solo to someone
who has this increadibly fake vibrato voice, she is pretty,
and her voice is nice, but not for the solo! AND there is
supposed to be multiple soloists, but she dont think she is
going to do that.... GRRR! what the hell!? I mean... God,
what do you have against me? I try, I try my hardest, and
get shit in return!


ps- there will always be next year... ohh wait, no there
won't be! and the next solo... IN SPANISH! I DONT SPEAK