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2001-05-15 22:30:13 (UTC)


Ok this day was not that fun. The fight didnt go that bad
as of yesterday. My friends showed me this note that the
bad side wrote with two other people. It was so mean. Oh
well. Today I didn't get to see Seth. But I asked Jenny
if he was at B lunch and she said he was. So that means he
was late. I just saw him after school going up the seventh
grade stair case. I dont like looking at his back at all I
wanna see him smile and all that stuff because I really
think he's nice. Anyway, at my science class we had to
review every thing that we learned starting from the
beginnning of the second semester. It SUX. Then we're
gonna have a final exam on Thursday. I hope I pass it.
And then I still have to do a project on Reading. I still
have to present it, good thing I have a partner to do it.
And I still have a History test tomorrow! I forgot to
review ok well I have to go now. Bai!