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2002-03-20 21:51:02 (UTC)

I don't care!

I try not to complain to people alot, but sometimes you hae
to and once I'm finished, I forget about it. Well this is
something I can't forget, because I can't tell alot of
people. Every day I play psychiatrist. People come to me
complain and I help them out. Of course I'm going to get
sick of it, that's natural. But I try to keep that in.
What really aggravates me is when the same person will
complain and complain about the same thing over and over
again. It's usually, "I can't stand those two girls they
are such liers..." over and over again. Well don't hang
out around them, and try to avoid them at all costs. Well
let me finally complain, "I don't CARE! I can't stand when
you complain constantly! Just change it if it bugs you!"
What this really boils down to is I'm a very brash person.
I don't go arund telling people what I think of them all
the time, unless they give me a good reason to tell them.
But when the time comes I sure tell them. Unfortunately
they get mad but that's okay. most of my fights start with
me being brash. So I'm taking my own advice and staying
away from people who piss me off. It won't hurt me.

Last thought for today... Why can't we have a new set of
friends every year???