2002-03-20 21:34:19 (UTC)

Belling the Cat

John and I were gone most of the day yesterday, doing
errands in Junction City and Eugene. It was so complicated
we ended up bringing both vehicles. We met at Costco and
did our shopping there, went to Petco, the bookstore (just
browsing, thank you!), looked at greenhouses (yes! we are
getting one this year!), ate lunch and then drove back to
Costco so John could gas up his truck and head over to his
Mom's house to pick up another load of firewood to bring to
the country house. This wood will have to sit, as it needs
to be seasoned; it's from a tree that fell during
February's windstorm. While he was there he picked up
another load of seasoned wood to bring home. I went off to
do my errands and got home about a half hour after he did.

One of the things we bought at Petco was a cat bell. I saw
Spice with a bird in her mouth earlier in the week and I
wasn't happy. I'm not going to feed the birds in my
yard just so she can catch them! The bell is small and just
makes a tinkling noise but it should be enough to warn a
bird to watch out. If it doesn't work I think I have a
larger bell around here that will. Sugar doesn't get a
bell because Sugar spends most of his time napping in front
of the fireplace. Every once in a while I check to
see if he's still breathing.
I washed my hair this morning at 5:00 a.m. The boys get up
at 6:00 a.m. and if I don't take a shower before they do I
can forget getting any hot water. It's a big production to
wash as it's waist length and gets tangled even if I do wear
it in a braid. Even with that I'd still rather have it long
than short. Better to spend time washing it then time and
money getting it cut and styled. Simple is better, in my
not-so-humble opinion!