my entity
2002-03-20 20:33:25 (UTC)

darn bored!

yeah as always...its been a boring week for me...oh not
that boring i should say but you makes me sick!

oh well...i dunno what's really happening to me since i
have a lot of things to do (on my mind) but i cant
understand why is it that everytime i try to start it
off...i just turned nuts and i dont wanna do it cruel!

anyways...lemme see what's on my mind *ummmm*

there you go...i plan to create some personal homepage of
mine, plan to study stuffs about the info tech, i plan to
enroll and take some Masters..etc etc!

tsk many plans...less actions! sheessshhh...whats
waiting for me?!

oh well..i gotta figure this out! i must do at least one or
two of these things!

that would be all for now!


4:32 AM