Mysterious Attitude
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2001-05-15 21:17:38 (UTC)

Tuesday May 15,2001

~~~Sunday May 13, 2001~~~

Well not so long after my last entry John got online and
me and him talked until like 3am... and durin that time
this other guy Jack was beggin me for my number.. so I gave
him my pager number... and I called him back at like
3:30am... we talked for a long time..... until like 9am
actually.... he is soo sweet... then after we hung up I got
my shower and me and my mom went out to take Terri to
work.... after we dropped her off we went to the Flea
Market... and my mom got me this nice ass purple braclet...
and this big ass cross neckless that has Jesus on it...
hehe Big Pimpin Bling Bling... lol... Then we got back home
and I watched the movie Sleepy Hollow and feel asleep in
tha floor.. lol and like 2 hours later my mom woke me up to
go pick Terri back up with her... I was grouchy as hell
tho... lol Then I came back home.. called Jack back.. and
we talked until bout 1am...


Today I didn't go to school.. and I slept until like
2pm... Then I got up to go with my uncle and grandma to the
store and to drop off grams car to get worked on.... While
we were out Jack paged me.. So I went to Renee's house to
call him and say that I would call him when I got home...So
when I got home I had to wait for my mom to get offline and
what have u.. then I called up Jack... we talked for a few
and at like 9 Louie paged me... I freaked out.. I was like
omg he is in Louana....however u spell it... lol So I was
like Jack let me call u back.. he was like aight.. So I
called up Lou's cell phone..he was like hey gurl what's
up.. I was like nothin and u? Then he gave me his number
for down there... I was like aight got it.. and he made me
promise to call him at nine... I was like aight I will.. So
I hung up with him and found a phone card and called him
back.. we talked had phone sex.. ya know... and he gave me
the hotals addy.. so I could send him my picture...We
talked and I hung up with him at like 10:30..and I called
Jack back and I talked to him until 1am... damn he sounds
good as hell... lol they all seem to...


Well I got up this mournin took my shower.. and got
online... I saw that John had wrote me this sweet email...
and so had Jack.. so I wrote them both back.. read sum more
mail.. and got ready for school...Well at school everyone
was payin attention to me cuz of my neckless.. lol sum
people even wanted to buy it.. hehe Then at 4th hour.. I
was havin people sign my autograph book.. and I was like
Alfonzo.. wanna sign it? (Cuz he sits right next to me)He
was like yeah.. so he signed it.. and he gave me his pager
and house number... yay yay!!!!!! Then he noticed my
bracelet...and he sorta picked up my wrist to look at it..
I was in heaven I tell u... he was like that's nice.. and
then he was like touchin my neckless.. I was sooo happy
hehe... lol That's bout all that happened at school... lol
And ohh yeah I sent my picture to Jack and I guess he liked
it cuz he is still talkin to me so that is good :) :) Well
that's bout all... I gotta go and eat cuz my food is gettin
cold so bye bye 4 now....