StEfFeR NeFfEr
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2002-03-20 18:12:33 (UTC)


i'm sitting here sick...bored as i made this
thingy...i doubt its gonna be very exciting but i'll see
what i can do. I'm supposed to be writing a 6 page term
paper right now, yet i don't even have a topic, or any
ideas for that matter.
Since i ain't got anything better to say, i guess i'll tell
you the FUNNIEST thing that happened the other day (TOnS of
funny stuff happens to me..for some reason i think it has
to do with jules?) anyhoo, jules was lookin for this girl
katie, and i was just walkin with her ( i was feeling
REALLY sick so i was kinda outta it) and i saw this girl
who i THOUGHT looked like her (it didn't really) and i went
up to her and stuck my finger right in her face and started
yelling at jules "SHES RIGHT HERE!!" jules just kept
walking so i said it again...jules turns around and give me
the strangest look and says "Thats NOT her" by this time
the girl who i had my finger in her face (who was special
ed i should add) looked like she was about to cry...i ran.

well thats enof for now..i guess i'll try to find something
to write about...or i'll just whatever