victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-03-20 17:58:06 (UTC)

what was and will be

too much of what was and never will be
it's glaring in droves in the face of apathy
sad eyes with too much on your mind
it's getting harder and harder to be one of a kind
the allowance of opportunity is but a pittance
some things in life are a necessary riddance
things never seem to go the way you want it to
the struggle for attention is a bloody coup
casualities of war, in the war of you against fate
you're a statistic on the losing side,
but you realize that too late
there's nothing that can be done to change the past
it smacks us in the face with each day from the last
life without living the way you really want
is a life never really spent
hearts that were truly broken can never really mend
too much of what was and never will be
is a recurrent dream and
an ongoing repeating agonizing memory