victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-03-20 17:48:46 (UTC)


today i was ignored and interrupted every time i said
something with good reason, nothing i have to say or think or
feel is important to anyone anyway it seems like he only
time people pay attention and care is when i'm having a
breakdown of sorts nobody gives a damn when i'm happy
nobody cares about happy people, it's the sad ones to worry
about everyone deserves worrying maybe that's why i'm sad
listless or angry all the time: nobody cares otherwise this
is bad, i know, but sometimes i wish i had a friend like me
oh wait, i do have one and i wouldn't trade it for the
world but others, they are the seasonal friends who make me
cry but i'm not supposed to anymore so i won't but it gets
hard sometimes i don't care what other people think; it's
what they feel that's important and gets to me i'm the
unlovable one unwanted in every way i feltso unpretty today
and so selfish and that makes me feel worse than bing a bad
person cuz when you're just a bad person it's only yourself
but when you're a bad friend there are several parties and
feelings involved the sun hurts my eyes the night calls
more an more bout doing ungood things and that's bad i'm in
a quiet hysteria screaming but no one hears i feel so young
not in control of anything and so vulnerable if a tree
falls in the forest but no one's around, does it make a
sound? if a person screams but no one cares do they make a
sound? do they even exist? just waiting for the day when
i'll wake up i'm so stupid and awkward sometimes no wonder
no one likes me a caring kiss would melt my heart somehow i
missed out on this i just shake my head and wipe the tears
from my eyes and sigh "why me" cuz there's nothing else i
can do . . .

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