My Iccle Internet Diary
2002-03-20 16:14:22 (UTC)

All About Me Me Me

Well i suppose i better do some sort of little intro...
My names Lauren, im 16 (on sum days, but 18 on most
others) and I live in Sunny old yorkshire im Uk (im jokin
about the sunny incase you didnt guess) At The mo im
at college doing Law, Sociology, N Media, but i skive
college to much and dont do any work! I work on the
phones for a Market Research company and i get paid
loads but i never work (caus i dont need to caus they
pay me that much when i do!)

I dont have a bf at the mo (im meant to be going a year
being single) but so far i have seen none advantage to
bein single...i go out....get too drunk to even talk never
mind pull. My last boyfriend, James, who i finshed with
around new year moves to spain in 3 weeks and i dont
want him to, hes always been my back up! Hes really
cute and loverly but is basically not my sort of guy,
doesnt like my sort of music (RnB and Dance)...i
know...i knoe thats not a very good reason to finsh him
.... but im the fussiest gurl EVER when it comes to
guys,clothes, and Shoes....and i mean im not fussy at
all when it comes to Alcohol!

I suppose im a mixture between the two sisters in Ten
Things I Hate About You...sometimes i go for my 'im a
pretty gurl luk at me' and othertimes i go for my 'im a
student and i love retro' it all just depends what mood
im in.

Ive never done any drugs of any sort (but if you ask
must ppl everyone seems to think ide be the sort of
person who has done) not because i luk like a druggy
but because i have always sort of bein in with the 'it
crowd' and most of mates have done them.