Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-03-20 16:11:52 (UTC)

Homey G-Star in da hiz-ouse... :)

Gini is coming down to San Clemente this Sunday and
staying for a week! I can't wait to see her. But I have bad
news for her too- Sigmund died last night. He's been dying
for months now, but I really wanted Gini to be able to see
him one last time. At least she got to hold him for a
little while last time she came down. Ryan and I are going
to go bury him after work today. I think I'll make a little
tombstone uot of cardboard while I'm at work today. When
P.J. died he didn't get a burial, and I don't think it was
very fair, beacause Roxanne got a funeral when she died
(she was our rat before Sigmund and P.J.). So I'm making
sure Sigmund gets a proper burial.
When Gini comes down, we're going to have lunch on
Wednesday, hang out one or two other days of the week, and
then her and I are going on a little mini-vacation to
Mexico! Just us. The original plan was just to go down to
TJ friday (since I have Friday off of work), and spend the
whole day shopping and bar-hopping, except that we'd stop
drinking around 2:00 so we could come back that night. That
would've been fun, but hopefully we'll be doing something
even better- Going down to Ensenada Thursday afternoon to
stay at a beach house until Saturday morning, when we'd
come back so Gini could be with her Coby-man. And all the
while in-between it's dining, shopping, and getting
trashed :) And possibly getting stoned at the beach house,
if we can get some ice-a-ma-cream before then.
Ryan gets his first big check this Friday, so we're
going to go out to a nice dinner and a movie at the
spectrum. I think we're going to Cheesecake factory. Oooh,
I hope so... I have to go work now, I'm way behind, bye!