stuff wat doesnt make sense unless ur bl
2002-03-20 15:58:26 (UTC)

He Can B Such A 'Selfish Moody Self Centred %$^&'

Well me and Darren (aka Best Mate) went to the
cinemas last night...i enjoyed the film it was good..i was
only 9 and Darren had told me he would come for a
drink with me after, but ooohh nooo the film finshes and
he says 'ill get my mum to come and get us now' so i
said 'i thought we were going for a drink' 'oh i thought
you were jokin' so you know im slightly pissed off that
he promised he would come but then he he
starts with the whole' your an alki' thing and im like
nooo im not a alki i just want to do something like go for
a pizza or a curry 'im not hungry and i dont like curry' so
at this point im gettin a bit pissed off with him caus he
never does anything i want to do ... it might sound really
pathetic but like yesturday we went to see the film he
wanted to and he even joked 'lauren do you ever get
your own why wud you now'

so any way he said he had work to do, so i said oh fair
enough if you have work to do but dont say youll do
something if you never planned on doing it!

anyway he got a lift of my dad home and didnt speak a
word to me....and all i could think is hes a spoilt selfish
moordy pathetic git .. to put it nicely...!

but anyway ive got a feelin we wont talk for a bit now till
its cooled down...we are meant to be going out on
thursday but im happy to go out with my mates and im
sure he wont go out at all.