Meshed Up
2002-03-20 13:38:06 (UTC)

To America

i don't really know much about the vietnam war. i'm doing
an essay about it though and i have stumbled across some
incidents that have pierced my heart. i don't know how to
react. i want to cry but i'm too tired to cry. humans are
really cruel. read on and see for yourself:

let us go to correspondent philip jones griffiths, a
british free-lance photographer who went out with a platoon
from the first cavalry. the GIs were nervous and shot the
first farmer they saw. good thing they missed. here's what
philip jones griffiths wrote: 'the next farmer was not so
lucky. soon he lay dying among the ripening rice in a
corner of the paddy field, the back of his skull blown
away. he was somehow conscious, making a whimpering sound
and trying to squeeze his eyes more tightly shut. he never
spoke and died with the fingers of his left hand clenching
his testicles so tightly they could not be undone. 'got him
in the balls, knew i hit him,' cried the boy from kansas,
until someone took him to one side and explained that they
do that to relieve the pain elsewhere.'

here's what phillip knightley, author of the book 'the
first casualty' has to say: 'the americans mutilated
bodies. one colonel wanted the hearts cut out of dead
vietcong to feed to his dog. heads were cut off, arranged
in rows, and a lighted cigarette pushed into each mouth.
ears were strung together like beads. parts of vietnamese
bodies were kept as tropies; skulls were a favorite...'

a certain captain lynn a. carlson was in charge of a cobra
helicopter gunship and he would drop specially printed
visiting cards over his target areas which
read 'congratulations. you have been killed through
courtesy of the 361st. yours truly, pink panther 20.' on
the other side were different messages such as 'call us for
death and destruction night and day.' or it could be
something like 'the lord giveth and the 20mm [cannon]
taketh away. killing is our business and business is good.'

it really sickens me to think that men are actually capable
of doing these things to their fellow men. humans are such
wonderful creatures aren't they? i find everything i read
about the vietnam war very very sad -- from the oppression
of the american government to refrain the correspondents
from writing the truth abt the war, to the way the soldiers
treat the vietnamese. that's why we should stop this stupid
war against so-called 'terrorism'. why destroy the lives of
many for power? for greed? for pride? bush! wtf is wrong
with you?! america, afghanistan feels your pain. why won't
you feel theirs?