D u h

Somewhat Pathetic Life
2002-03-20 08:00:19 (UTC)


I was practically laughing so hard inside when my best
friend told me that dumbass Nigel is a jerk and is a total
showoff. So what if he's finished the assignment? MS, my
best friend said that we could start and finish it today but
we just didn't want to be a showoff like him. Then she said
that he's a guy who kind of wants people to envy him or
something. HAHAhAHHAa... I was confused at first, coz last
year, I said a lot of things about Mr.Dumbass which wasn't
really nice and MS kind of pissed off. And now, she's like
condemning him and all. Surprise, surprise. Did I tell you
that stupid Nigel always take people's credit. Well, he does
and is still doing it. Someone should crown him the 'King of
Credit Stealer cum Dumbass'. Or maybe he should get both
seperate titles. Woo-hoo. I'm enjoying this! HEKhkahKaha.
Screw you, Nigel! HAhAHKHAhAHHAHAhAHa........

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